Comprising 50 observatory houses, a world-class research centre and first-rate facilities, delicately but deliberately created in one of the darkest places in Europe, Sky Village BG will form a worldwide centre of excellence attracting astronomers at all levels from tourist to professional.


Sky Village BG is located in the foothills of the Stara Planina Mountains, central Bulgaria. Designed to Gold Dark Sky Park standards, it will grant access to these pristine skies for the first time. Clear nights at Sky Village are both frequent and exceptional.


Accommodation at Sky Village BG is uncompromising. Our observatory houses are beautifully designed with luxurious interiors and a high-specification, thermally independent observatory built-in. Expect a great night, whether you're sleeping or not.


Our world-class research centre includes an impressive 10-metre observatory dome, laboratories, learning spaces and a 90-seat auditorium. A 5,700 sqft visitor centre includes further conference facilities, complemented by a 24-hour restaurant, bar and reception.



Sky Village BG won’t exist in isolation. We’re already building connections to partner observatories and universities around the World. Our partnership with the prestigious Rozhen National Astronomical Observatory, part of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, forms the beginning of a national and international science collaboration.


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